The Rekindling App - Terms & Conditions

Bangarra seeks to use, reproduce and distribute images and sounds taken during the Rekindling Program for the purpose of assisting Bangarra with promotion and advocacy. As a matter of good practice, Bangarra obtains the agreement of participants in the Bangarra Rekindling Program to use digital Content that incorporate images and sounds made by participants. Accordingly, by registering with the Rekindling app (the App) you agree and acknowledge that:

  • Bangarra, and its authorised agents, may gather content in any form, including images, sounds and text, generated and submitted to the App (the Content) by either you and/or, where applicable, the child registering with the App.
  • Bangarra, and its authorised agents, may subsequently use, reproduce and distribute the Content in any form of media, including on Bangarra’s website, the App, Facebook, Twitter, in newsletters, presentations, reports and magazine articles for the purpose of profiling the Education Program.
  • You and the child will not be paid for any use of the Content.
  • All intellectual property rights pertaining to cultural content and ownership in the Content, remain the property of the person or persons from the community it was sought from. As caretakers and guardians of the Content, Bangarra retains all rights to the Content including intellectual property rights in relations to the Content.
  • You and the child release Bangarra, its officers, employees and agents from any claims, including any claims for compensation, arising from Bangarra’s use of the Content.
  • We will seek to take reasonable steps to preserve the security of information received via the App however as transmission of information will occur over the Internet, Bangarra cannot ensure and does not warrant the security of such transmission.
  • You and the child will not post or transmit any material or information which is offensive, defamatory, obscene, unlawful, vulgar, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing or culturally objectionable.
  • You and the child will not disrupt the flow of dialogue or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other participants and their usage of the App.
  • You and the child will not post any material that contains malware or other computer codes, files or programs that are designed to limit or destroy the functionality of other computer software or hardware.
  • You have the authority to sign this release form on your behalf or, where applicable, on behalf of the child.
  • These rights granted to Bangarra are perpetual and worldwide. You have read these conditions and understand its terms and agree to all of them.